The edge of the forest

Winning proposal for the interior design of the apartment n.5 in the Casa dels Xuklis  


Barcelona, Spain




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

This furniture is conceived under the concept of the edge of the forest, meant as a relaxing and ispiring place. The project works as a playful landscape where the children can run and climb living e-motional adventures, worth telling.

We worked with the forest elements, like trunks, branches and foliage. The main deign is the large piece of furniture that contains spaces to play, sleep, eat and store. A cave hides two beds which move on wheels and also has two holes in the surface that allow children come in and out like rabbits in their burrow.  The furniture is made of four modules solving the different functions: living space (near the windows), children beds, parent s beds and store, wardrobe and refrigerator kitchenette. This last block included stairs for climbing on the top, as a tree-house.

The apartment is a crossing place from the internal atrium to the garden area enjoying the continuity with the outside through the loggia area. At this apartment the story of the child affected by cancer and it’s family takes place by providing them a space where they can spend peacefully their days.

The furniture is 9 meters long and almost 3 deep, housing a family with a child who must leave their original home to receive treatment in the hospital in Barcelona. It offers recreational and therapeutic activities to the children, the girls and their families. Materials and furnitures are made in the most natural way possible because, given the cause of the medical treatment in question, children have a very low level of protection and are vulnerable to infections and viruses. It’s realized entirely in bamboo wood, toasted color.  The skeleton is made of mdf, than a bamboo plaque is used for covering, every plaque is formed by 5 mm large strips, for being modeled according with the shape of the furniture and the curves described by the project.

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