Inspiring furniturescape for kids




2017-on going


Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

” We believe in the power of the imagination and Cozymo is the emotional playset where new stories spring to life in the meanwhile the kids learn, read, draw and grow up ” . Cozymo comes from the attentive observation of children that create their own playground. They like small cozy spaces, where they feel free and protected. They appreciate huts and houses or build the refuges themselves. The little ones prefer playing on the ground, in the middle of the room, where the functions are distributed along the walls. 

Cozymo stays in the middle of the space, as a zoomorphic presence, which you can run around, creates a friendly environment : you can go through if or ride if. The point of view from the middle of the room allows the baby to see the fantastic horizons instead of the limits of the walls. 

Cozymo is 2,60 meters long and almost 2 deep. The beds are removable to increase the play-set.  A Prototype is realized entirely in bamboo wood, toasted color.  The skeleton is made of mdf, than a bamboo plaque is used for covering. Every plaque is formed by 5 mm large strips, for being modeled according with the shape.Finishing can be imagined in natural wood or as blackboard for drawing on it, like the pages of a diary. Addictional modules solve different functions: desk, book shelf, dining table and parent s bed.

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