Proposal of the Skycity challenge 17 for the project of regeneration of an empty skyscraper 


Changsha, China




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

Chinese skyline has been subjected to tremendous change over the past decade. Heritage sites and huge swaths of traditional housing have been razed and replaced with soaring towers symbolizing wealth, development and power. In our modern cities there are a lot of boxes and straight lines dealing with efficiency, functionality and structure but there is always less nature. That’s why we need to create environments that let people have emotional connections. Skycity project brings the mission of reaching the equilibrium between human and natural by the equation “less city’s concrete : more co-living and respect for nature”.

We desire to emphasize this mission by an emotional interior design as a tool for education by three areas that overlap into the imagination: Natural kingdom, Human wonders and Folklore. Wonderscape is an introduction to the new ways of thinking and co-living. The atrium has been envisioned as a sensorial, immersive experience that includes aspects of leisure and physical activities while encouraging interaction.

Wonderscape” is an inspiring playscape supporting the educational power of the imagination. The concept derives from the belief that an intuitive and playful approach will not only motivate children, but also stimulate adults to learn through sudden curiosity and to improve the creative quotient (CQ). Instead of disciplining children to fit into the adult world, the atrium design encourages all age groups to interact with children’s intuitive and experiential universe. This by a combination of free play, discovery learning and physical movements, it can be equally enjoyed by all the visitors that see and use their surroundings according to different scales of perception.

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