Grandtour d'Italie

Proposal of international competition for the project of wooden furnitureinspired by the italian journey






Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

The journey across Italy, an indispensable stop on the so-called Grand Tour, was appreciated from the start from the eighteenth century as an experience of the Italian way of life in which they blend, in a completely organic way, art, architecture, territory and people, which together constitute the Italian DNA. The project aims to broaden the idea of ​​the Grand Tour in our times and enhance the indissoluble link between man and landscape. Because the charm of Italian art and architecture does not they are only the classic ones and are indissolubly born from the natural landscape, understood as a context and as an inspiration. The contemporary Grand Tour cannot end in the architecture and art strictly speaking but includes the concepts of territoriality and fact a hand that today made in Italy have distinguished themselves.

Our Grand Tour is a journey in the Italian cultural landscape, with its eternal and at the same time continuous elements change, by the hand of man and together with man. The Grand Tour lounge table system was born precisely from the desire to underline it close link between architecture and the Italian landscape, leaving the user maximum freedom of reconfirmation of the elements. Different formal and chromatic solutions mean that i tables adapt to the specific needs of the space in which they are placed e let you each build your own postcard landscape, handmade, inspired by the Italian genius. A descriptive or fantasy landscape, made in Italy. The system consists of an essential shape, the ovaloid (140×140 cm), and of four shapes complementary: the rectangle (140×70 cm), the small oval, the circle and the square (70x7o cm). The landscape is built by means of optional accessories:

– contour lines: they are used to distance the wooden shelf from the glass shelf or simply as trays and cup holders.

– iconic objects of Italian design: cypress trees, red cars, boats, parallelepipeds.

– feet and wheels: they are used to adjust the different conditions of the table tops and put them together between them between the heights of 30 and 50 cm from the ground.

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