Baltic Tales eco-resort

Finalist proposal for International competition of Resort Louise renovation


Kaliningrad, Russia




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

There are places that have a story to tell, with rich traditions and plenty of natural treasures. Queen Louise resort has both natural and cultural attractions to share with its guests, and each of these experiences, sensations, environments is a tale of the place, a part of its genius loci, a Tale of Baltic SeaThe greatest advantage of this resort is its location amidst untouched nature – mixed forest, fresh air and clean water and sand dunes hiding the amber treasures. So the best experience that the Queen Louise can offer to its guests is the possibility of enjoying this untouched nature with their body and mind, to benefit from the healing qualities of Baltic sea air and the silence of pine forest.  Baltic tales concept proposes the fluid architecture, integrated into natural environment and reinterpreting the original resort both functionally and aesthetically. The luxury of XXI century is living surrounded by nature, breathing clean air and seeing the seasons change. 

The project aims on making the most of the exi-sting natural environment, with its slopes and irregularities, while acting delicately, with respect to each tree and plant. First of all, we adapted the volumetric line of the building to the existing forest, letting the vegetation choose the way it would be experienced. As the starting point for this process, we identified the clusters of trees that grow together in the forest. We generated a flat geometry on top of this void, in order to avoid the trunks and take the heights from the existing ground level and the slopes of the rooftops. This approach has generated an organic geometry with a faceted volume that adapted to the topographic conditions and the planning requirements. The geometry is what will define and discover the ways of experiencing the spaces and their relationships with the outside landscape.

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