Mitino Residential Park

Concept landscape design of the residential area in Moscow Area 28 ha






28 ha




Concept design


Anastasia Kucherova        Sergio Romeo

Water is an indispensable attribute of a comfortable, healthy, ecological environment. And the protagonist of the resort resi-dential complex Mitino O2 is a lake with its waterfront. So we thought to spread the feeling of the vicinity of water through the whole territory. Not only by physical presence of fountains and basins but by formal reminders of water in all its incarnations – from the vigorous stream to mirror surface, disturbed by the rain drops only? The square is inspired by the concentric circles made by the drops on the water surface. The drops are the at-traction points, the oasyses with their own atmosphere. Howe-ver, “the influence areas” of its centers intersect and communi-cate with each other, as well as various

interests and characters of the residents meet on the central square. In the boulevard design the drops become smaller functional points, which build up almost a molecular structure, defining the modular grid. The central “stream” dominates in this scheme, branching and mer-ging back into one again. By approaching the lake the structure of boulevard gets more and more geometrical, bringing in evi-dence the grid, used for the lake design as well.  The objects around pop up like the ice crystalls. The forest part instead is riddled with quietly flows, the very shape of the paths sets for the walk and contemplation. The flows structure is integrated by functional “drops” where the activities take place.

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