The Big Race for Porsche

finalist of Porsche International competition of the exhibition concept Area 300 sqm




Vintage car Fair in Padua








Anastasia Kucherova,      Sergio Romeo

Motor racing as a metaphor for the principles of the Porsche brand and the history of mankind, in which speed and ingenuity push individuals to overcome their limits and consider the unknown in positive terms.

The history of humanity as a whole and that of men and women in their daily lives are seen in a new light in which Porsche becomes the link between these two complementary realities: much more than a simple car, Porsche is synonymous with excellence and desire for improve yourself and the world around you. Thus the brand puts the heart and dreams of generations of drivers who live on the front line and know how to “make” a difference behind the wheel.

Heart, dream and steering wheel take shape in the areas called BOX, SET and TRACK which represent the principles: tradition and innovation, exclusivity and accessibility, design and functionality.

Pit lane: relaxation area at the edge of the stand, open to the exhibition spaces.

Grandstand: space to imagine watching a race and the proclamation of its winner.

Track: an inclined curve that showcases the historical racing models from an unprecedented point of view.


The great race is introduced and accompanied by its founder Ferry Porsche and by the drivers who contributed to the birth of the automotive myth: the photos of these protagonists are chosen among the most recognizable and their quotes, framed within iconic objects of Porsche models (such as headlights, rear view mirrors and side mirrors) highlighting some key words with a high emotional impact.


Three sets set up represent how the story of a single man counteracts the history of the communities. Here Porsche becomes the meeting ground, the link between these two realities, emphasizing the fact that it has been present both in the events of one (community) and of the others (individuals).

70 years of sports cars

The great race celebrates 70 years of Porsche sports cars in a dedicated area called the “Track”, where the pavement simulates the curve of a race circuit. Pit lane, tire area and grandstand complete the scenario. The podium in the center is a quote from “The 24 Hours of Le Mans”, one of the most fascinating races, whose first place is dominated by Porsche with its 19 victories.

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