Tableau vivant

Tableau vivant

Proposal for the 3rd edition of the Design Contest IDEASxWOOD, aimed at the design of geometric, organic or combined decorations of multilaminar veneer






Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

Tableau vivant, a vibrant and dynamic image, the moment framed into inlay design. The design is inspired by the surface of the water crossed by the sun’s rays and by that magical, almost hypnotic effect that this image has on the human soul. A unique, unrepeatable network of light arises from the encounter of the light ray with the vibrant skin of the sea and is also projected onto the bottom, thus marking the limits of a suspended space.

Pánta rheî, everything flows, and this intertwining of lines drawn by the sun only reassures us that nothing is forever, it reminds us to seize the moment and not give up on difficulties. That may be why looking at this ever-changing living image has such a beneficial and calming, therapeutic effect.

The design follows the soft and flexible geometry of introspective reflections in the liquid element, with the aim of recreating an ephemeral effect with solid and concrete material such as wood, using the inlay technique. The veins of the veneers selected for the pattern recall the movement of water, while the color variations proposed are inspired by the change of the same graphics in the different light conditions that convey the atmosphere of a particular moment, with a cinematic integrity and liveliness.

It is a collection of patterns inspired by the liquid element in film shooting, as living pictures (tableau vivant) par excellence:

– The graduate (1967) inspires the main decoration and represents the great hopes related to the principle of adulthood. A sweet doing nothing that precedes enterprises of vital importance.

– Romeo + Juliet (1996) reminds us of the innocence and unscrupulousness of first love.

– The legend of the pianist on the ocean (1998) expresses the poetic notes of jazz music.

– The Great Gasby (2013) represents a strong energy charge, unexpected and elegant.

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