Darwin Dohrn Marine Biology Museum

Second price winner of the international competition for the project of a new Museum of the evolution of marine life dedicated to Charles Darwin and Anton Dohrn


Naples, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova, Sergio Romeo

Given the complexity of the materials to be exhibited, their history and the illustrious names of Charles Darwin and Anton Dorhn to whom they are linked, a preliminary study of those museum institutions, foundations, ateliers and house museums was deemed necessary. Italian, European and world-wide, they are considered to be among the most avantgarde. Critical observation and direct experience of these realities have matured a project that aims to take from them the most effective aspects in terms of preparation and communication. Above all, the themes of interaction between the visitor and the exhibited elements and the relationship that the museum establishes with its surroundings were explored, extending its range of action both on a physical and virtual level. The Da_Do Museum is therefore a project to be defined alive and evolutionary.

A living museum is the one that tells a story and uses specific language both in the design of the furnishings and  visual identity that concerns it to make itself heard. An evolutionary museum is one that knows how to adapt to the needs of setting up and dismantling in a simple way when needed (eg: cyclical rotation of the exhibits, updates of the themes narrated or even new discoveries in the field). A Living and Evolutionary museum is the one that knows how to talk to visitors, making sure that, after the visit, they become the spokespersons of the peoposted and shared messages. To do this, it is necessary to establish an empathic relationship of real interest with the visitor, made participatory and active. In this case, the extreme consistency of the museum’s contents with its container is important.

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