Just like Home, kindergarten

Proposal for the international competition for the project of a new kindergarten in Modigliana


Modigliana, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

“Just like home” is a kindergarten that tells children about a contemporary way of learning, more attentive to the natural resources and the environmental balance. Architecture is at the service of pedagogy to offer spaces that support cognitive processes and experiential activities for children from 3 to 5 years old. The concept starts from a simple observation: children love spend time in small and embracing spaces. If they feel free and protected they are more willing to exercise their skills. They appreciate spending time in small spaces like huts, laying under tables or building a shelter with what they easily find, testing their imagination and problem solving. Observing their playing, which stimulate the exercise of their own capacity, is born the gesture of the house: hands and arms on the head to simulate a roof for protection, as essential condition for starting any type of activity. From that it is also born the expression “feel LIKE AT HOME”: stay safe and at ease. The children that feel personally involved in a friendly and stimulating environment, become “free” to learn from themselves and from the relationship with others. This way we built the kindergarten using the shape of the iconic house.

Just like Home, kindergarten

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