La forma dell'attesa

Competition proposal for a new bus stop design for Termoli


Termoli, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

The project helps to ensure that the waiting time at the bus stop is not considered as a suspended and unexpressed time but as an integral part of the travel adventure. Above all, it must not be “lost” but “earned” time. As in the story Il trolleybus 75 by Gianni Rodari you can travel only in imagination and, for this reason, the proposed design plays with the sensation of being on the seabed when the sun’s rays cross the surface of the water animated by a breath of wind. The stop becomes a small pavilion which, in the name of transparency and adaptability to the usual functions, is enriched if necessary with extraordinary settings. The style is deliberately retro-futuristic, in an unidentified time, and in a dimension which is deliberately precarious and stable at the same time, like those architectures without an architect that are the Trabocchi. The accessory furniture collection promotes a coherent street furniture design and a coordinated city-branding operation as well as the provision of services to the citizen. Thus, the wait will have a different form for each one but will maintain a common matrix linked to the culture of the sea and of the Termoli territory. The colors of the materials, which refer to the sea and the beach, and the personalization of the poles with icons designed ad hoc for each line and / or the stop of the trucking service contribute to these purposes.

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