Atmosfera bus stop

Competition proposal for a bus stop design for Termoli


Termoli, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

Atmosfera is a project that wants to challenge the concept of stopping as lost time, as an interruption of the journey without any value. Stopping waiting can and should be a pleasant experience, a chance for contemplation and harmony between the passenger and the context. The landscape of Termoli itself suggests the idea of the project: it consists in fact of a horizon line, the wings and a changing celestial body, which follows the metamorphosis of the sun and moon throughout the day.

At the heart of the concept is the sun, a source of essential information, but also of the welcoming atmosphere at the stop area. It is an empathic object that interacts with people and encourages them to socialize with each other, by means of the light, color or music it spreads. It is a self-sufficient source of light and heat that is fed through the photovoltaic roof, thus representing the natural life cycle. The simple and essential design of the stop plays on the relationship between the different variations of the arch with the surrounding landscape, where the arches frame the life scenarios. The accessories complete the functionality and sensory perception of the stop. The emotional factor plays an equally important role as the functional one and the pure volumes, together with the abstract forms, are the metaphysical space that accompanies the experience of waiting.

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