Castellammare waterfront

Proposal of international competition for the project of new waterfront of Castellammare


Sicily, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

The extraordinary cultural and landscape richness of Castellammare del Golfo has produced, and still produces today, great suggestions in the literary world and in that of cinema, so much so that it is the chosen place for the setting of numerous films and short films.  Among these, the 1951 title “When the Pleiades set” shines, in which Vittorio Carpignano portrays the fishing tradition and gives voice to unique characters of great value, living witnesses of the local culture. It is precisely from the desire to transmit the cultural and landscape values of Castellammare del Golfo to the future, through the enhancement of what is found in the territory, that the project takes off.

The indissoluble link between architectural-urban design and genius loci moves every aesthetic, formal and technological choice. From Piazza Stenditoio, a new pedestrian path winds its way between the sea and the cliffs in the direction of Cala Petrolo and then up to the Plaia beach which strengthens the pre-existing ties, sometimes interrupted by the sea, sometimes by the hand of men. The Castello a mare seems to arise from the soft limestone rock that extends towards the beach. The new path is a pronounced sign but at the same time respectful of the context in which it is inserted and of which it reflects the historical and aesthetic identity. A white line that creates a visual connection with the Piazza to disappear, integrating with the existing path of the stone wall above the Cala Petrolo.

Castellammare_Sicily_waterfront requalification_Studio RoK_Piazza Stenditoio
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