Nel cuore di Trezzo/Trezzo nel cuore

Competition for the renovation of the central square and neighboring  areas of Trezzo sull’Adda


Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

Enhance the existing urban fabric and rebuild its identity. So once you have been IN THE HEART OF TREZZO, you will take TREZZO INTO THE HEART forever. The area in question refers to the historic city center, what we call the “heart of Trezzo”, yet this space is neglected and negligible in favor of well-known architectural and landscape emergencies such as the Visconteo castle, the Taccani hydroelectric plant and the river park of the Adda (reachable even without going through Piazza Libertà). The project intends to trigger a process of urban regeneration starting from the need to fully re-insert “the heart” within the urban fabric, to give new light to a space so far insufficiently expressed, to promote knowledge or deepen it. This thanks to the recovery of the axis that crosses the Libertà and S. Bartolomeo squares, arriving at the entrance of the Villa Comunale on one side and ending in Piazza Omodei (they become essential spaces for connecting the historic center with the rest of the city).

The goal is to redevelop the existing historical fabric by means of widespread but coordinated interventions by adopting a coherent language of materials, colors and furnishing objects that interpret the territorial uniqueness and renew the urban fabric in terms of functionality, inclusion and safety as well as what an aesthetic. From being an object of protection, the historic center aims to be a place of memory of the collective identity, a possible engine of new sustainable and compatible business models. The generating fulcrum of the process must be Piazza Libertà which from an anonymous place will become a renewed urban living room, able to re-connect to the urban and peri-urban fabric. Here a pavement that is a participatory work of art and that celebrates the municipal area will be the starting point for the exploration and deepening of its historical, natural and social heritage. Also fundamental are an ad Hoc lighting project and an abacus of new furnishings that, inspired by the existing, perform additional or enhanced functions by relating the historical memory of the place with its future.

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