Apartment in Brescia

Renovation of apartment for a family of four


Brescia, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

The pandemia forced us all to look our houses under a new light and new functionalities. It’a matter of fact that the lockdown changed our way of understanding the home, highlighting new needs to which interior design is called to respond. Now we spend more and more time at home, working and learning from a distance, and this new way of life is destined to remain, shaping in an increasingly defined way the concept of housing of the future. If not so long ago the house was lived mostly in the evening, after the working day, with the lockdown became the obligatory refuge, 24 hours a day.

Smart working and distance training have shown the inadequacy of spaces, incorrect lighting and a great absence: the green, the living one, we mean. There will not miss the attention to correct and lighting, natural and artificial, and the expansion of the spaces in the kitchen that is reconfirmed as meeting place, where family and friends meet, cook and eat together. There will be more space for hobbies, a balcony will become our personal garden, with a convenient sink for irrigation and maintenance operations.

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