Moodboards for apartment in Paris

“If you don’t tell it, it simply doesn’t exist”. Alessandro Baricco.


Paris, France


2017-on going


Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

A collection of material boards inspiring microcosmos for a luxury apartment in Paris. In the work of the interior designer, the main purpose is to convey ideas, emotions and design solutions. Therefore, in order to express one’s vision in an orderly, coherent and verified way it’s necessary to acquire the most effective methods. Moodboard is a good starting point to design, to clarify the topics to be explored and to reach our goals.

In additin to that, learning the theories and techniques of moodboarding ia a useful activity to guide the creative process. Emotional narration for images, texts and objects are able to inspire themselves and others more that everything else.

Moodboard is a synthetic tool that serves to align the brief of the client with the concept of the designer, to focus one or more important issues at first and to verify that you are proceeding correctly then.

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