Villa W

Villa for a family of four people, refurbishment of industrial architecture in Milan.


Milan, Italy




Anastasia Kucherova / Sergio Romeo

This project allows us to deal with the theme of the recovery of existing industrial heritage. This practice, also widespread due to the evolution of tastes and trends in society, brings the positive value of encouraging the recovery of many buildings, gradually helping to restore a part of the heritage that would otherwise be abandoned and forgotten.

More and more often old industrial garages, factories, but also farmhouses and other types of buildings, are being renovated and transformed into new and interesting housing solutions. We have created a house in a former industrial building, which stands out for its large, open spaces and industrial appearance, with large windows and exposed technical systems.

The industrial framework suggested a new way of living the city, a small hangar evolves the original DNA in a villa with garden, full of light and wide spaces for a family of four people.

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