About us

We are studio Ro.K, interdisciplinary team of creatives and professionals based in Milan and Moscow. We work in the fields of architecture, landscape, interior and communication design.

Found in 2015 by Sergio Romeo and Anastasia Kucherova, working across the world from the concept to the construction on the waves of design and communication. Studio Ro.K offers imaginative design trough a tailored storytelling for all scale spaces, furniture and products.

Sergio is an architect graduated from the University of Palermo, who trained in Berlin before an intensive postgraduate course in interior design at the International branch of IED in Barcelona. In 2011 he has earned his Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture at IED of Milan.

Since that, he collaborated with international companies and well known architectural ventures such as Matteo Thun and Partners, Stefano Boeri interior department, Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects combining every experience with his love for Rok. He is experienced in hospitality, residential and retail spaces, interested in materials and surfaces, details and the emotion they can generate in people.

Anastasia is specialized in exhibition design, special projects, product design, creative direction.

She graduated with honors from the Moscow University of Arts and Industry at the Department of Environmental Design. In 2012 she moved to Milan to obtain the Master in Interior Design at IED. At the end of her studies, she started to collaborate with Stefano Boeri Architetti, following all the vital phases of various scale projects, from negotiation and project management to communication and business development.

Since 2019 she also works as Deputy Creative Director of Noroo Milan Design Studio, spe-cialized in color, material and lighting trends and research worldwide.

Since their meeting at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, their ability to combine their diverse backgrounds and skills has enabled Ro.K architects to work coherently across multiple disciplines, develop its own distinctive expression and to translate meticulous and fantastical design ideas to the context of production.



“we take an emotional approach to every project to give it the sense of a story worth to be told first, and then we inject it with unexpected emotions“

We are both storytellers and experience builders, oriented on sustainability, interpreting client’s desires and needs. Whatever the scale of intervention is, we create inspiring designs and atmospheres that make the people feel at ease adding a bit of surprise and innovation.

We are always attracted from different cultures and disciplines, arts and crafts. We believe in juxtapositions and balance of contexts, functions and personality that evoke emotion.

Competitions, updating and experimentation are at the core of our work journey, that give us freshness and new perspectives, continuously upgrade our knowledge of technology, taste for latest and future trends and deepen our skills.

From all of that we materialise tailored solutions, attentive to the functions and the client’s identity, interpreting the space as unique environment to be “lived in”.            A collection of moments and feelings happening in a shaped experience.


Our design approach is rooted in bringing together the user of the space and the context, through the storytelling that embodies a strategic vision.  Through our several experiences, we developed a strong methodology that consists in:

1) analysis and research of the local identity, the identification of genius loci.

2) participatory design, involvement of the community into the entire design process.

3) valorization and underlining of the most characteristic features of the place, transformation of its symbolic and emotional significance into visual signs and objects.

4) long-term life vision of the space through its adaptability to different users and functions.



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